Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Major balls up!

Remember these Lollipop blocks started in 2010? Well, back then, I got so far & decided to get a start on sewing some of the 2" square sashings. A lot, and I mean a lot of 2.5" squares were cut & stitched together........

and it wasn't until I tried lining them up with the trimmed blocks that I thought something was odd.....they were too long, what was going on here?

I went back to the pattern and checked the instructions, bugger! I had trimmed the blocks to 20" square when it should have been 20.5"..... lesson learnt here READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. 
(I had glanced quickly at the 20" & missed the vital bit of the sentence........ FINISHED SIZE!)

In disgust with myself for being so stupid, everything came off the design wall and thrown in a box & put away as I  barely had a seam allowance left with the applique so close to the edge.

After stewing over this for quite a while, a remedy has finally come to light.  I've decided to unpick all the bits of applique that are too close to the edge, move a few circles and use a different kind of sashing, after all, I never really follow a pattern completely.
Finally relieved that I don't have to remake all those blocks!

and, before I go, remember Sandra? The Cumberland Island Quilt Chick? yeah, you know the one.........well she's back in blog land as The Frugal Quilter......... Pop on over & say hi!

Till next time, happy stitching :)


Oops-Lah said...

Don't worry, we've all been there, or at least I've been there, several times. You'll be able to fix it and it will turn out even better afterwards and with the little bit of difference it will be truly "your" quilt. It's stunning by the way.

Julierose said...

Ouch, I certainly know that feeling!! I guess placement is ALL in applique; glad you found a solution--those blocks are beautiful...I esp'ly like the dark background that sets them off so well. Julierose

Shirley said...

I have done it too. Glad you found a solution to your mishap. They do look beautiful though and it is good to see them out of the box again.

Daniëlle said...

Same happened to me when I stitched In My Garden from Anni Downs, pfffff, I made it for a shop so no escaping there! I had to do a few blocks again hihihi. Lesson learned! Your blocks are great and am curious on your new sashing! Happy stitching! Hugs, Daniëlle

Sandra Henderson said...

I would just whack off the sashing a little on the top and a little on the bottom and ease it in and carry on!!!~ Dont' unpick all of that!~ Just ease it in and make it work. NOBODY will ever know!~ You are hard on yourself. LOL
What beautiful work you do!~ I love this!

Thanks for spreading the word about my blog Gisele. I appreciate it. XO