Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Walk in the Country......

We had glorious autumnal weather here this last weekend, that Max & I decided to have a little walk in the country for a change. He's still doing really well on his medication & plods along at his own pace...well, after all he is 13 years old now, which I've been told is pretty good going for a Labrador.

Of course he's loves to have a good old sniff as dogs do......most of the time I'm left there standing & waiting while he checks out all the different smells!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Way behind

Well as the title of this post says....I'm way behind with all my Gothic Arch Sunday challenges...so in my attempt to catch up, here's my Gold contribution. The stamps used are from the Printed Matter sheet by Green Pepper Press for the text background and the Icon stamp is by B Line Designs.
I had the idea of stamping the icon on gold gilding to recreate the effect of ancient religious icons & used black Stazon ink, but the impression was really poor so I ended up painting in the design in order to create the effect I was looking for....so it turned out ok in the end :)

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Lets get Gothic!

Michelle is celebrating the 1st Anniversary of her GPP Street Team Crusades with the launch of the 13th crusade being..........Gothic........what else could it possibly be?
I'm currently hosting a Gothic arch swap in one of my groups having always loved the idea after first seeing this on Belinda's blog, then on art-e-zine here. Just to be a little different I designed a taller, slender arch page and the swap would include charms as well, all on a Gothic theme of course.
There are some fabulous pages being produced for this swap & I love seeing how each individual artist interprets the theme, you can check some of them out here........ Marion's (scroll down) , Angela's (scroll down), Keron's, Jane's, Cynthia's, Rebecca's & Wendy's. I'll add more links as they become available.
If you would like to have a go at making this taller style gothic page here's the template and instructions:
Gothic Arch page construction:
The basic Gothic arch begins simply enough with a straight, horizontal line.

You will need:
Firm cardstock
Sharp pencil

1.Mark out a rectangle 3.5 x 7.5 inches on a firm piece of cardstock, measure 4.5 inches up from the bottom of your rectangle (portrait orientation) & draw a line across…. This is the baseline A-B
2.Extend your compass out to the exact same length of your baseline (3.5 inches).

3.With your compass needle at point B, construct arc A-C.
4.With your compass needle at point A, construct arc B-C.
Voila…you now have your Gothic Arch page ready to cut out & use.