Sue Spargo Imperial Blooms design
Wool/cotton applique & embroidery

Imperial Blooms - embroidery detail

A postcard from India - Kantha work using rayon threads
A post card from India detail
Encrustations 1
Rock pool (encrusted calico)
Rock pool detail
Rock pool detail
Rock pool detail


Julierose said...

I just found your blog--and I think your embroideries are fabulous. I especially like the Encrustations 1 & 2. Do you glue the shells to the canvas? I live near the shore and collect shells--just 'cause they are pretty--but they become so lovely in the embroidery...Julierose

Anonymous said...

I love your work!!! Beautiful! (And I really love anything beach/water related...) Thanks for sharing your beautiful work! (Found on FB if you're curious...)

robin klein said...

Love your embroidery, esp the rock pool.

Unknown said...

Your rock pool is amazing! Woukd you pls help me identify sone stitches ? In particular, the sea anemone- is that the cup stitch or are those cast on stitches that you just formed into circular/triangular shapes?