Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Clamshells, Hexagons & Klosjes

Remember these I was busy cutting & preparing a few weeks ago? Well they have gradually been stitched together to form this..........

I finally decided on the layout below........a clamshell trip around the world. I've nearly used up those previously prepared & will print out the next batch using the 3.5" Inklingo version which should really speed up the prep time. Thank you Linda, Cathi & Theresa for all your help & advice :)

Just one little flower produced for One Flower Wednesday nestling amongst the Lobelia. This variety is called Crystal Palace, my favourite as it's such a vibrant blue.

.......and finally all my Klosjes are now made, 192 in total (4.75" sq) & the last ones are being stitched together to add the final 3 rows to the bottom of the main piece, this top should be finished this week.

Hope you're all having a great week where ever you are in the world, the weather is glorious here in Jersey, it finally feels like summer!
Happy stitching :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Step into my garden ..........

........and sit down to do a little stitching

It's quite a small garden, approximately 5.5 metres square & surrounded by a high wall which creates a micro-climate allowing me to grow some topical plants in this temperate zone.

As you can see I collect plants, especially ones that flower

The California lilac (Ceanothus thyrsiflorus) is now in bloom & smells heavenly when you're sitting next to it, this variety is 'Skylark', a deeper blue & flowers a little later than other varieties.

3 days ago the jasmine was just in bud

.......and is now starting to bloom. This plant is just outside the lounge door & smells divine as it wafts into the living room in the evening.

This year my hardy orchid (Bletilla) has decided to flower again, it is a ground orchid which lives in my semi shady border & dies back in the winter, to re-emerge each spring.

Growing amongst the Cape leadwort (Plumbago auriculata) are the 3 new additions to my hexie flower garden. This plant produces the most beautiful sky blue flowers during the summer, here's a little sneak peek from last year as it is a little early yet.

Well I hope you've enjoyed the little tour of some of my plants, as others decide to come out of hiding, I'll introduce you to them one by one.Happy gardening & stitching of course!

Friday, June 11, 2010


Give me a D for Dunce!

I've been worrying I had done something wrong & upset my blogging friends as I hadn't received any comments on my last few posts, not that I automatically expect them, but thought it a bit odd all the same.

Then I remembered I'd enabled the moderation facility as I've been getting a few spam comments lately, so, I investigated & realised you weren't automatically emailed comments waiting for moderation on the dashboard but had to go & sign in & publish them.......phew, result!

Thank you for all your lovely recent comments, I'm not ignoring you at all, honest & will respond to your messages over the weekend.
Have a good one : )

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Klosjes progress

June already, where does time go? All of a sudden I realised that August & my trip to France is approaching rather quickly & I need to crack on & finish this top in order to quilt & bind it in time.

Looking at the main piece I decided it needs to be a little larger.... another row of 3 at the side & across the bottom should do it, so just 50 more to sew.

So far: 12 more klosjes made bringing the total to 142.
Happy stitching!