Sunday, November 18, 2012

219 blocks later......

We finally have a completed quilt! I had actually finished the construction 3 weeks ago but wasn't happy with the size.........

It was too long for the width and just looked unbalanced

So I took it apart to widen it. As this is constructed with the quilt as you go method on point, the only way to make it wider was to add rows to the middle 

and add a couple more blocks plus extend the sashing to the previous adjoining row

so an extra 40 more baskets were appliqued, sandwiched & outlined quilted by hand before I got back to this stage of joining the 2 halves together again

This quilt is quite heavy & bulky so I rolled it up and used the ironing board for extra support & just unrolled a little section at a time to feed through the machine

The binding is now on & I can finally say the basket quilt is complete

It's a biggie 90" high x 105" wide - great for a big bed

I've really enjoyed making this one but am now glad to see the back of it!

(This quilt is for sale - email me for details at gtjsy at hotmail dot com)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Scrappy Log cabins

Today I should have been working on the last 2 rows of my basket quilt but instead a fair bit of chain piecing took place.

The QUILTING GALLERY has put out a call for blocks to be made into quilts for donation to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. All the info can be found here.  

Making blocks is far easier for me being in the Channel Islands as mailing a charity quilt to the USA is an expense I unfortunately cannot afford :(

It was fun & very liberating just stitching away with no plan in mind as these are meant to be scrappy log cabin blocks, something I hadn't done before but certainly will be doing again. There is even a tutorial for making the blocks here.

If you fancy making a few blocks go ahead and register here to either make blocks or assemble a top.In these situations every little bit helps :)

Happy stitching