Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Anyone for Cupcakes or How about some Strawberries?

Sometimes you just need a break from making big quilts which can take forever to complete, so it can be quite satisfying to create something small in a a pincushion or two.

As you can tell, I got just a little carried away! 

I had seen various cupcake pincushion styles out there, but wasn't happy with the designs so decided to come up with my own. These are now selling in the gift shop at the Wildlife park where I work so it was worth the effort :)

In the meantime, progress is being made with the basket quilt, sashings are going on the ready quilted blocks.........

A quilt is gradually coming to life........ have I mentioned that I love this Quilt as you Go method?

May have to change that dark blue circle though
back view
'till next time, happy stitching :)