Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Hexagon Fun

Although I wasn't going to embark on any new projects this year, I couldn't help being drawn into making some of these Glorious Hexagons based on the patterns from Katja Marek's book , after all, who can resist fussy cutting Kaffe Fassett & EPP?

There are quite a few Facebook groups working on these as weekly/monthly projects, but you need the book for the templates to make the individual blocks:

Glorious Hexagons by Liza Prior Lucy & Kim McClean
Katja Marek's Quilt with Me  - you can join in the quilt along from her website here
Katia Marek's Fussy Cutting/EPP workshop - administered by Lisa Rinn Palmer



Wanting to do my "own thing" as per usual (I can never follow patterns), I decided to frame my 3" hexagons with shot cottons & tonal prints & drafted a framed diamond to join them all together

A black & white photo of the layout is always good to check tonal balance



The rows are growing!

April so far, gradually enough made to add another row to the top

Whilst making the above hexagons, I got a little side tracked with the idea of using up some recycled shirt scraps, which led to these below.....

So that's already 2 new projects started this year, there's no hope for me! 
Happy stitching