Monday, October 26, 2015

Little Things

Sometimes it's just satisfying to complete a small project in a short amount of time....

Earlier this year I made a few small items for my son & his partner for their new flat. The 1st item they requested was a narrow runner to fit a radiator shelf, the remit was "bright & cheerful"......I think this qualified.

Next Steph asked for long armed extra thick oven gloves as commercial ones were far too short & she frequently burnt her wrists
 & a set of 6 place mats as most sets that you purchase only contain 4

This next small project is a Dilly bag made of 2 inch EPP hexies using some fab aboriginal fabrics using Brigitte Giblin's pattern, available here
This last weekend I just needed to make something small & quick again, so I fished out this free pattern I had saved to make this Megga Pinnie
This pincushion is a mini workstation in itself & great for storing all your quilting tools near at hand
 Here it is next to Lucy for scale, it's huge!
As I was on a roll, I carried on & made some small fabric bowls/baskets to use as thread catchers, these would make great little gifts for quilting friends with you know what coming up soon :)
The free patterns for these can be found here for the Round gathered basket & here for the Hexagon fabric tray.

So now that this little things urge has been satisfied, it's back to hand quilting La Passacaglia which could take a while!

.Have fun stitching :)