Saturday, May 12, 2012

Stitching Stones


You may or may not be familiar with Jude Hill's Magic Feather project ....... all the info can be found here.

While there do have a look at the feathers contributed from stitchers all over the world, they are  so beautiful & the variety submitted is astounding.......creativity at it's best!

 Unfortunately I was too late to send in some feathers but Jude has now put out a call for appliqued stones, so I've picked out bits & pieces of cotton & silk from my scraps to make a few pebbles to add to the project.

silk pebble on old linen
I'm enjoying making these as their shape is not meant to be uniform so any rough circle/oval that evolves is what ends up being stitched.

If you fancy sending Jude some stones, the details can be found in this blog post


Shirley said...

What an interesting project you are stitching and there are some thought provoking words on that blog. I shall be interested to see what she does with the feathers and stones. How well your stones look against the bleached wood.

Sandra Henderson said...

I love the texture and colours of your stones!~ What a great photo of them against the table and stone...
You are so talented!

jude said...

i got them! they are lovely, thanks, I will post them soon.