Saturday, July 31, 2010

July update - Clamshell Calamity!

Remember how far I had got last month above with my clamshells? I was so excited at having the 3.5" Inklingo download to continue as it would save so much preparation time, alas, I just couldn't match up my Inklingo clams with the traditionally prepped ones.

So, in order not to waste all this precious fabric alot of unpicking had to be done

and a template was made to mark up the Inklingo points on the unpicked clamshells

which then matched up perfectly with the Inklingo ones!

So after alot of frantic stitching, I've just about achieved as much as I did in June.

I'm so pleased I switched to the Inklingo clams as they do go together more acurately than the other method I was using. Now when I look back at the 1st photo in this post I can see alot of irregularities, so, as they say...... it was meant to be.
Happy clamming :) G

PS. Thank you for all the sweet comments on the last post about Lucy, she really is an amazing cat & has settled into her new home so well in just a couple of weeks, we are so lucky to have her.


Valentina said...

Oh Talk about Calamity Clams!
But they are looking so amazing, and now it will go much faster, right?
Mine are not matching up and I am trying to be oh so careful... Anyway, This first effort is in order to learn. I did get the Inklingo as well, and thanks to your experience will make my next one like yours. Gisele they are looking amazing!
I saw "Coast" yesterday on the BBC on the Channel Islands. How interesting and beautiful. Now I know for sure that one day I will be visiting the 'Honeymoon island'!
You lucky girl!

marijke said...

Wat een pech dat het niet paste gelukkig zag je het nu. Het ziet er schitterend uit.
Heb deze stoffen ook, leuk om nu de clamchells ervan gemaakt te zien.
Groetjes Marijke

Karen said...

Excellent you could reuse your first clamshells. Looks like you are back in business!

Cathi said...

Gorgeous!! Clamshells in that fabric -- absolutely stunning. Inklingo really does make it easier. :-)

grendelskin said...

Not a calamity, a genius act of restoration! You now have a method that will work *and* allows you to reuse the other shells, so you are now well on your way. the rest will feel like a cool breeze!

yvonne said...

Prachtig en ook hele mooie kleuren!!!!.

groetjes yvonne

Shirley said...

Well done Gisele, those clamshells look so beautiful. My friend Wendy is inklingoing hers too and she says it matches up perfectly.

Gretz said...

Oh Gisele I feel for you. But you have done a wonderful job!

What a beautiful quilt :o)

Cybele's patch said...

Beautiful! They are perfect now. The fabric is also great for this pattern. You were right to do it this way. I really enjoy reading about the struggle everyone is groing through at the start.
Don't tell me about sewing backwards. I took my first 3 1/2 rows apart and started again. And still I have to unpick at least once in every row.

Julia said...

Well done Gisele, those clamshells look so beautiful and perfect to me.
I love your glad you were able to save them..
Julia ♥

Sue-Anne said...

Hi Gisele, I love your clamshells in the French General fabrics! They look beautiful and I am pleased you got it all sorted out in the end without wasting that gorgeous fabric.

Lucy is one of the most prettiest cats I have ever seen! I love her markings and it looks as though she is settling in quite well now. You have taken some very cute photos of her.

Daniëlle said...

Yep, not usy to do, but the result ..... gorgeous, this shells making a trip hihi!! Lots of fun making the next trip!! Happy sewing, Daniëlle

Denise in PA said...

So sorry you had such trouble. But, WOW - they look amazing so far! I love how you are putting the fabrics together. That quilt is going to be a beauty!

Oops-Lah said...

Not that I saw anything wrong with the clam shells you've made before, but they are looking fantastic now. I'm wondering what you are going to do with them? Maybe reproduce the V&A museum quilt?

Sandra Henderson said...

What a gorgeous quilt this will be!~I adore the fabrics and so happy that your method is going smoothly now. Your cat still makes me smile as I see her watching TV. lol

Sammy said...

Hi Gisele,
It really did escape me that you will need my email. I actually thought we can communicate through my blog. Anyway, thank you for your kind comment( It made my day).
If you check on my blog you will see that, the pay it forward post up and running.

Thank you so much

Samya ;-)

email address,

theodora said...

Hi Gisele I love the way your clamshells look ,I have never done that design , are you putting another fabric of the back of it , I noticed on Valentinas blog she turns and used foil and presses it if I'm not mistaken, I have a scissors just like yours I love the stork design, I looked all over and I found them and I bought two of them , hope you are having a nice summer , nobody has signed up for my pay it forward boo hoo, stop by and visit me when you have a chance.