Saturday, March 27, 2010

Well & truely hooked!

Is there a cure?

Forget that last question, I don't want one as I'm having way too much fun!

Another 25 more Klosjes made this week

and this is what all 47 of them look like laid out.
I've decided that this is going to be a quilt for my mother once complete as these colours will be perfect in her newly decorated bedroom. As she doesn't use computers, the surprise won't be spoilt by mentioning it here.
P.S. Why is it when you upload photos to blogger that on some posts, like last week's, you can't click on the photos for a closer look, yet this week all of them click open fine?


dragonfly gypsy said...

Hi Gisele, WOW!!! Beautiful Klosjes. Great job. Your Mum is going to love this quilt. Cheers Sharron

Valentina said...

Gisele, of course we'd refuse a cure! I am caught in a delicious swoon admiring your Klosjes...
Oh... Can you Imagine what your mom will feel when she sees them? :)
Have a happy week of stitching ahead!

Cathi said...

Your spool blocks are gorgeous! Those are such lovely soft colours. Wonderful surprise for your mom!

Janet said...

Your klosjes are gorgeous and your Mum will love the quilt. No cure, I'm glad you were tempted.