Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday Klosjes

I really did try to resist the temptation to make little spools known as Klosjes, but they are popping up everywhere & I gradually succumbed.
I first spotted them on Janet's blog learning that they started in the Netherlands & have since spread across the world. Do visit Valentina in Cyprus, Ingrid in the Netherlands & Nadine in Belgium for more Klosjes inspiration & links.
So here are my first 22 little spools using the Aviary collection by 3 Sisters for Moda which I've had sitting there since last summer & just didn't have a clue how I was going to use it. I'm adding other light fabrics into the mix & making them 4.5" using my usual EPP method, they are so quick to sew up being just 5 pieces & very addictive!


Nadine said...

WELCOME into the FUN, dear !

Oh they are soooo CUTE in that soft, pastel version ! LOVE them ;>)
So, you're making them the EPP method ? This is sooo interesting. Actually it's my favourite method and I'm always curious about its never-ending possibilities...

And what can I say about your fairy/princess slippers ? I'm IN AWE ! Such talent and creativity deserves a heartful BRAVO ;>)


Valentina said...

Gisele, i am in LOVE!!! I am picking up my jaw from the floor at how lovely your Klosjes are turning out!
I love "Aviary" and am also in the process of making a quilt with that line, but it is entirely different to see it used in Klosjes... and EPP! I agree with Nadine: Bravo!
Welcome to our Little Band of Spoolers and I am so looking forward to see more of these darlings! Your Quilt is going to be a beauty! ...swoon...

Janet said...

Your klosjes are wonderful, isn't it great when you find a project for the stashed fabrics! The fairy slippers are incredible and your JC blocks are beautiful too.