Sunday, February 14, 2010

Quilting blogs & a little Blue and White

I know I've already said this but there is so much inspiration in blogland, here are a few I've come across & enjoy revisiting time & time again, one day will have the courage to leave a comment but have just been admiring from a distance up until now.

Kathy at Material Obsession in Sydney, Australia, which I discovered having purchased both her books & signed up for the Sue Ross BOM also has a great blog.I haven't started any of the Sue Ross blocks yet as I need to gain a bit more experience as some of them look a little tricky but I fell in love with the bright colour combinations so couldn't let this opportunity pass.

Another blog I enjoy is another Kathie from the USA Inspired by Antique Quilts , I just love the inspiration from old quilts & fabrics and Kathie makes some gorgeous mini quilts which I will have to have a go at too.

Wanting to learn applique to add to my patchwork & quilting skills I came across Janet's blog another Australian quilter who also makes amazing quilts and has some super tutorials on applique, thanks Janet for posting these, they have helped me tremendously. Scattered throughout this post are images of Blue & White 4.5" patchwork blocks I am making as an ongoing long term project. Some of the blocks are taken from the Dear Jane book, others made up as I go along & some are just classic blocks that have been around for centuries. They are all hand pieced over paper templates, the EPP method & one day will end up being a large sampler quilt. These are nice to make now & again in order to break the monotony of an ongoing larger project.

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Valentina said...

You are a true artist, Gisele. And I am so happy to have 'met' you. I love your attitude towards your work and I find these blocks truly inspiring. I know I will learn a lot from you! :)
I am also a real fan of the great women you have mentioned and feel very blessed that through this medium, otherwise fairly isolated quilters like us, can learn from such masters.