Sunday, February 14, 2010


This project was inspired by finding this fabric & discovering this blog. I find myself drawn to the old fashioned Reproduction & Civil War fabrics & decided to use this jelly roll for my hexagons. Aren't these colours just fabulous?

1st diamond
After much deliberation I finally decided to make up diamonds with my hexagons & set about working out how far my jelly roll would go. Wanting to make a fair sized quilt I felt it would be safer to get an extra one, you know, just in case......

Hexagons back
As you can see from the above photo showing the back of the work, I'm no longer basting the fabric through the paper template but running the thread through & over the corner sections to secure it. This way the basting cotton remains on the back of the work, the templates pop out & you don't need to spend hours unpicking all this thread which will not show on the completed top.
This is the top almost complete as I just need to add a couple more rows of black hexagons to each end, then it's done. I have no idea how I am going to quilt this........any ideas anyone?

close up of top


Nadine said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS !
Well, in my humble opinion, this jewel deserves a lovely quilting.
I made a big grandmother flowers garden, some years ago (took me 3 years to complete the top), and then I decided that such labour of love deserved a dense quilting. So I handquilted a small hexie inside EACH hexagon... It took me quite some time, (I used to quilt 10 or 12 hexies a day, or more when I could) but I never regretted and it still remains my favourite quilt of all.
Your quilt deserves the same, no matter how long it takes, it's such a beauty !

Best thoughts,

Valentina said...

Gisele, everything Nadine said and another 'wow'.
This is a masterpiece and I also believe that it needs to be quilted lovingly. In my humble , humble opinion, I would quilt the centre Hexi and then work in bands (in the ditch so each diamond pops) :)
Oh, my... Gisele enjoy! And I would love to find our from you what you decide to do!
in awe,

Rose Marie said...

I have a hexi quilt that will be quilted with diagonal lines running through the centre of each hexagon.

I have seen versions where there is a mini hexagon quilted within each hexi and other versions with diagonal lines and yet other versions with vertical lines.

Whatever you do, your quilt will be gorgeous!

Helen said...

My grandmother hand quilted a mini hexi within each of the hexi's on each of the 3 flower garden quilts she did. And as Rose Marie said - I've also seen versions done with vertical - or diagonal lines as well.