Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Circle progress

Well...... I have fallen way behind in making may daily circles as too many other projects are distracting me.
I'm still trying to avoid as little waste as possible by using the circle cut outs to make more circle blocks as in the next 2 below
 So to date I have 86 units/blocks or if you count the number of individual circles appliqued 138.............I think I'll stick with the latter number, it certainly sounds better :)
I'm also joining the blocks as I go & here they are all together so far, this isn't the final layout as it looks a bit messy, still needs a bit of tweaking as more blocks are added.
Whilst on the subject of circles, here's my 1st attempt at a Georgetown circle block by EPP. This is going to be the centre of a medallion quilt one day, when I get round to it!
Do go & visit Audrey's 365 circle link up, lots of lovely circles being stitched, grab a cuppa & enjoy all the lovely projects being shared


P. said...

Your circles are really lovely, and that's a fantastic layout! I especially like the circles within a circle blocks.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

your circles are great! I try to waste little fabric also and make circles from the left over scraps cutting out the back of the big circles. Your other quilt is pretty also

audrey said...

Great version of the circles! The smaller circles make it so interesting! Love that Georgetown circle too. Been tempted to try and make one myself.:)

BÊa said...

Very interesting and great version of circles. I too have left over circles cutting out the back...for another project.

Sandi said...

I like how you are varying the size of your circles. Fun to see what shapes and sizes people are using.

Wendy Caton Reed said...

You may be behind, but your approach is sensational!

Sandra Henderson said...

Such fun colors! Between these blocks and the brights below, it's a feast for the eyes! Happy, happy, happy!
I hope you are having a good spring. Love the circles! No moss grows on you....
As Janet Clare says, both your arms are never the same length. Lol you are alway moving them with project in hand.
I do love Janet Clare's blog and work, I've only discovered her in the past six months or so.
Nice to catch up with you.

Sandra Henderson said...

Not familiar with Georgetown circle either, but the civil war fabrics do it justice. Beautifully made. I'm off to look this up.