Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Year - New project

Happy New Year to you all, hope you had a lovely holiday break. We had a pleasant stay in France visiting Mum where I managed to get another fair bit of hand stitching done to add a good section to the thimble top (the weather was so damp, so we didn't venture out much).

As I had a few days holiday left on our return before going back to work, I was determined to get a good start on Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt  Easy Street glad I decided to have a go at this, my first ever mystery quilt, as I learnt so much along the journey :)

Not having a ton of suitable scraps I used yardage I had available for the grey, black & white & turquoise and Kaffe Fassett scraps for the green & purple & just hoped they would look ok.

Step 1 - Remember to check the thread is suitable for the project before sewing!
 4 patches - 192 done, lesson learnt here - spinning seams

First ever attempt at flying geese units......a bit tricky to start with but after 128 of them got the hang of it and learnt to use the easy angle ruler in the process.

64 sitting turkeys !

More flying geese......getting pretty good at these now!

All the units now done

Step 7 done but tricky trying to press those triangle blocks!

Step 8 - 1st block ready to sew

Attempt at layout but design wall a tad too small......loving the design!

So resorted to the floor with some interference - notice the bump?

Guess who?
All this sewing can be so tiring

Finally got it all stitched together and felt quite proud of myself and it wasn't until I checked the photos that I noticed this.........urghhhhhhh! How did that happen? I blame the cat!

Guess what I'll be doing this weekend?

Thank you Bonnie for designing & sharing this wonderful pattern and providing such great easy steps to follow, I would have never attempted such a project with so many pieces on my own!

Do go check out all the other great tops created by other participants at the link up here and in the Flickr group here


Kathy's A Quilter said...

kwilts by kitty...hysterical

Nancy said...

I love your Kaffe Fassett greens and purples. And your kitty is adorable!
Nancy from joy for grace

Cathi said...

Love your fabric choices for Easy Street, but I absolutely love your kitty helper. What fabulous markings she has!

Oops-Lah said...

You've had a very industrious time! I can't believe how you just turned out this quilt. It looks amazing! Of course you had a great assistant, so that must have helped ;). What a bummer about the mistake in one of the blocks. It happened to me too not long ago, and after I've unpicked and sewed it all together again, I noticed it did it on the wrong block. After a second attempt was done, I saw that I put it back the wrong way again (it was a very busy quilt, that's my excuse). So in the end I left it. I thought it must be a sign from the universe LoL! Happy New Year to you too!

Shirley said...

Happy New Year Gisele. The quilt top looks gorgeous and I am sure that it must have been the cat that sewed up the block the wrong way. Love the use of colours.

Sandra Henderson said...

Oh Gisele!~ I have not stopped by for a visit in a while...
You are so busy!~
I can't believe how far along you are on the EASY STREET quilt! How do you do it all!??!
I LOVE it! You need to send a photo to Bonnie.

I love your tumbling blocks quilt! When did you get that done?!?! You do so much.

Love your little kitty and the France photos are beautiful.

Vireya said...

Your fabrics look fantastic!

It is good to have an assistant to blame. I had a few bits the wrong way round and could only blame myself.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely quilt! Yes, I have done that before. Really. How does that happen?? :)

sewnsew said...

Gisele, welcome to the chat!
I, too, love Bonnie's quilts and never imagined that I would ever make a quilt with sooooo many pieces. It was a lot of fun. I did keep up til the last step. It took awhile to put my blocks together. It is done, quilted and entered in the Maine Pine Tree Quilter's Guild at the end of the month.
My ancestors and my hubby's ancestors are from the Isle of Jersey. Have always wanted to visit. I have found on the "net" a Meserve(y) farm and the Pinel Mill (my family).
I also have a blogsewnsewof Maine@ Thanks for joining us. Ramona Meserve from Maine