Sunday, April 12, 2009


The South West region of the EG (Embroiderers Guild) were holding a Fabric postcard competition, the subject being "A Postcard from....." Having spent alot of time working in neutral shades for my last project I challenged myself to use brighter colours for a change, something which I find quite difficult!
I had heard of & researched Indian Kantha embroidery/quilting,so I just had to have a go & this is the result.

Traditionally Kantha is worked on old worn recycled Sari fabric creating lightweight quilts & shawls in the Bengal region of India.
The fabric here comprises of: a top layer of soft cotton(recycled from an old cotton sheet)over 3 layers of muslin basted together, this is worked in a simple running stitch using shimmering rayon thread (Indian of course) & the design is created by the placement of the stitches.

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What a very lovely fabric postcard. It is so unique. Cool!!!