Monday, September 17, 2007

A huge favour & a prize!

To all my blogging friends out there I have a huge favour to ask....... as you know I've recently started a new job at the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, this Thursday the Trust is launching a brand new website, but would value some feedback prior the live launch.
If you could spare a few moments of your time to navigate around the site & should you find any difficulties or have any suggestions to ease the use of the site, please leave a comment either today Monday 17th or tomorrow Tues 18th, in order that Caron has time to make amendments before Thursday 20th Sept. Here's the link.
Now for the prize part......
For all you lovely people who leave feedback about the site, I will enter your names into a draw on the weekend to win a lovely goody package which will contain a selection of Paper Whimsy & Artchix Studio images, vintage lace, wonderful fibres, metal embellishments to name just a few things that will be in the box as well as the Gothic arch "Family" which I created for a challenge last how's that for an incentive!
Looking forward to hearing from you all.


Joan Ellis said...

Gisele--I thought the Durrell site was great; colorful graphics, easy to navigate, good toolbar across the top, interesting side notes. No complaints here! (And ps--congrats on the PW homepage!)

bockel24 said...

It all worked well for me, including the embedded videos and the map - as a fan of Thursday Next I love the dodo places there and the Wild bird hide of course. What an interesting new job you´ve found and what a beautiful website!

JoAnnA Pierotti said...

Hi sweetie, I think it is a beautiful site. Love the hanging monkey. My only concern, and it could be me, is the font is so little I found it a bit hard to read even with my glasses I'm 50 now so the eyes are not what they use to be.

Did you design this? Great job, really, and I'm really picky about websites. Very artistic and professonal, easy to get around and everything upload really fast and my computer is slow. Hope that helps.

JoAnnA Pierotti said...

oh, and forgot to say...beautiful artwork as a prize!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura Robberts, from Paperwhimsy said...

Hiya Gisele,
I think that the site is very user friendly......and I am one that is not very computer savvy. I had no trouble traveling around and I even explored areas that I normally wouldn't, just so that I could test the 'buttons'.
This sounds like a wonderful place to visit! And I especially enjoyed the bio of Gerry Durrell. What a cool guy!!

Good luck~
Laura Robberts

Cynthia Couch said...

Gisele, I had no trouble getting around the Durrell site and I think it is a very good one. I think the video of Lee Durrell is excellen, as well as all of the images, calendar and biographical information (the courtship section is charming). It looks to be very well done to me. Congratulations on it!

And wow, you really know how to give an incentive to folks to look around.

By the way, has there been no sign of my package yet for the gothic arch swap? I am starting to get worried that it has gotten hung up in customs. I sent it on the 4th I think. I hope it arrives soon.


Amber said...

Hi Gisele,
I also found it easy to find my way around and user friendly...The only sugesstion I might have is on the link that was something like "How can I help", the monies listed was not in English dollars...I thought that you might want to install a money exchange link or have a few other options than just English pounds... just to make it easier for people to donate to the cause...
Wishing you a Congratulations on your new job! It looks like a fulfilling career and a worthwhile cause for sure!

Karen said...

Wow, this is a phenonomenal site! I didn't even know it existed! What a fabulous cause - I found the site to be very user friendly, informative and I enjoyed "being there"! I will definately be sharing this link with friends of mine - thanks for sharing!
Karen Ouellette

Hermine said...

This is a great site. I really loved te map who let you trough the parkevery time you clicked on something. So sorry I will no be able to visit this beautiful park.

carylsrealm said...

Gisele, I think the site looks fantastic! I found it VERY easy to get around! Love the animals and it is by animal or region. I think it's a wonderful website!

Chelise said...


I agree with all of the above. BlueBox did a lovely job of site design, and all the pages loaded rather quickly.

Now, this is not the site design at fault - but all my own! I looked in the shop, and I thought to myself:

Why in the world are prices in pounds, when the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust is in New Jersey?

Ha! Figured it out on my own, bright girl that I am.

xoxo - Chel

PS - if I win the drawing, I will be donating the prize to:

sue pieper said...

Now this would be my idea of the perfect company to work for! The website is wonderful, easy to navigate, and educational-I'll be going back to look around some more. The only question I'd have is, on the home page when you click on the animal and it goes to the description and the image gallery, is the image of the featured animal supposed to enlarge? It just feels like it should, even though it can be seen just fine as it is. The only reason I'd even mention it, is that you asked for feedback, and that really is minor! Wonderful site, though, really!

kelsey said...

I absolutely agree with everyone's comments, very nice looking web-site, easy on the eye and simple to navigate through. Wow, who would've thought that you could get married there!!! Congrats on landing a fab job!

Gretz said...

Oh Gisele, I am so envious of your new workplace! I loved the website - tell caron - greta design. I LOVED the map - very cool..... How I wish I lived there so I could become a volunteer.

And yes I do have my fingers crossed for winning your art!


Gretz said...

oh rats I meant GREAT web design ;-)

Lynn Fox said...

Gisele - I love everything here...simply grand! And your artwork is great!

Cat said...


I really enjoyed my visit to the website.! I found it easy to navigate and very used friendly. I love the color palette and the gorgeous pix of the animals. It is such a great cause you are joining!!!

And I would love to win the prize, of course, but I also feel strongly about this cause & was pleased to visit the site!

Cat D-E

Jen Crossley said...

WOW Gisele terrific website I had no problems at all.Great web design,it was very easy to navigate around,What a wonderful place to work.
PS congrats on the job!!

Elysian68 said...


The site is beautiful, well-done, and very informative. My only suggestion would be this:

You can only get to certain pages by pausing over the headers and waiting for the drop downs. It would be nice to have a "next page" kind of link so that you could read through the site.

Thanks for sponsoring a prize... Obviously, I'm totally bribe-able. LOL =)

Rebecca Holso

pattib said...

the site is beautiful. i have always been a big fan of durrell and nature and animals are my life so i love this. i agree that they type is too small. there is a lot of info on this site and reading it would be a bit of work. i am assuming that the animals we're saving section is not quite done. a couple of the photo icons go right to the info on the animal but most go to a pdf icon you have to click again. it seems that when you click the initial small animal/bird etc. icon you should go directly to the info on the animal. and i think it would be great if there were larger, multiple pictures of the animals there. the photos are small and there is a lot to read, how about more photos.
in the store section the photos are very small and there's is lots of blank space on the right hand side, so why not make the photos large so you can really see the items.

great site, great work, great topic. patti

Anonymous said...

I have just been browsing the site. I see that on the home page and on the animals page the pictures are overlapping the text a bit. I also agree that the text is a bit small, making it hard to read for us people with "old" eyes, :-) - expecially when it is colored. Otherwise I think the site is lovely. I too would love to see more animal pictures, but I am sure more will be forthcoming when it is up and running. Connie Holso (PT's)

Ro Bruhn said...

Fabulous site Gisele, very easy to navigate and all the information needed is right there. I like the introduction movie too. It must be great to work somewhere like that.

Deborah said...

The site looks fantastic! I'll be sure to show it to my daughter, age almost 11,as she's quite an animal lover-- perhaps someday we can visit the Trust ourselves! I found the accolades for Mr. Durrell to be quite inspirational, especially "Decide what needs doing and do it"....

I came across your site through a link from another altered-artist-blog, and am glad to have discovered your lovely art, as well as this exceedingly worth-while conservation center. Best wishes in all you do in both of these arenas!

~Many thanks, Deborah

Cathy Wegner said...

Wonderful website, easy to navigate and full of information and pictures! Looks like a great place to work.

Petra Hanna said...

Hello, I think the site is easy to navigate, user friendly even if computer challenged. Your artwork is just incredible, you are very talented and you are a great inspiration.

DymphieM said...

Gisele, you can bribe me anytime with such a prize *LOL*
I use Opera as a browser and the site navigated just fine. It's very user friendly build. The only 'thing' I noticed is some overlap from the ads on the link next to the worldmap at the bottoms of the homepage.
Loved to see where you work. It must be so special to be part of that Trust.

Sarah said...

Website is great. really easy to navigate around aswell. congrats On your new job!!!

cookievf said...

WOW Gisele, I'm thrilled to hear about your new job working for such an important cause! I was most impressed to learn that durrell started his work 50 yrs ago! Conservation is of the utmost importance and you've really "spread the good word," here! - vicki xo

PS Agree with the suggestions for more pics, smaller font, currency converter and the video on "visit durrell" page keeps looping!

cain81 said...

I LOVE your work...anything with a gothic arch is right up my alley!
I watercolor paint with a gal here in Illinois who came over on the Queen Mary many years ago..she was born in Jersey.