Saturday, September 01, 2007

GPP Street Team - Crusade 11

Wicked Game - I have always loved Chris Issac's song, then one day my son played me this version which in my opinion was even better. H.I.M. appeared again in my life via Michelle Ward's blog....I had to hear more of this band...only to discover my son had one of their CD's...Razor Blade Romance which I love! As Michelle would say...How cool is that!

Personal Jesus - Thanks to Nicole, I've discovered another great rock artist & just had to post my favourite song of his......don't you just love the beat to this track! I appreciate that Marilyn Manson isn't everyone's "cup of tea" & no offence is intended by posting this, so just skip this track & move on to the next one if it's not your "thing" :)

Lifted - ....and just to show that I'm not a complete rock freak covered in tatoos (I only have one!) here's something more mellow, have always loved the Lighthouse Family....shame they no longer play.

This is just a small selection of my music, my taste varies greatly on the mood I'm in, my collection also includes artists like Santana, Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan, Sting, Pink Floyd and Ben Webster amongst many more.


michelle ward said...

wheeeeeeeeee! i knew the minute i saw the video still what it was going to be! thanks gisele for joining in the music crusade and for spreading some HIM love :) i'll say it - how WICKED cool is that!!!

Suzanne said...

Cool variety of songs! I also listen to a huge variety of styles--like you say, it depends on my mood. But whatever the style, I appreciate great music and excellent vocals in particular. I REALLY liked the "Lifted" song, what a feel-good tune! I added it to my Pandora radio station playlist!

michelle ward said...

g, just saw your the m.m. version of p.j., and of course still love the d.m. original. great choices.

kelsey said...

I second what Michelle said, thanks for the HIM-fest!!! Their "And Love Said No" is a greatest hits cd and has this song on it, as well as the ol' Neil Diamond's Solitary Man song. Another great album!!!

Ro Bruhn said...

Great diverse selection Gisele, I love the Lighthouse Family too