Monday, September 03, 2007

Gel medium transfers - further experiments

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Following on from my previous post.......
Having successfully transfered images using Paper Whimsy collage sheets, I was curious to see if my own inkjet prints using my HP home printer would work as well. All my images were printed using the best quality print setting.
The image above shows the various papers I tried as well as an Artchix Studio , laser printed image at the end.

What I learnt:

1. You do need to burnish (I use the back of a tablespoon) the back of the image for a good few minutes once you've applied it to the receiving surface & do let it dry for 5 minutes or so.

2. When I used the baby wipe to rub off the backing paper I found it started to dissolve the ink so, for the above transfers, I discovered it was better to dampen the back of the transfer with the baby wipe, then gently rub the remaining paper away with just my finger, with just a touch of dampness added as required to completely remove the remaining paper fibre.

3.Don't rub too hard or you'll rub off the transfer, as I did on my 2nd fish!

4. Use a good quality matt photo paper to print your images to ensure a good quality transfer.

Conclusion: It is possible to transfer inkjet images with the gel medium technique, hooray! Once again, thanks to Carrie for sharing this technique.

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jo capper-sandon said...

Fab...thanks Gisele. I wasnt burnishing the image...I think that was my downfall. Will have another try...if it works no doubt you'll see an overkill of transfers on my blog lol..if there is no sign..well...

Love the two pieces of work here, especially the transfer image atc for the TMTA.Great composition on both.