Monday, August 13, 2007

Flower Art on a Grand Scale!

Last Thursday (9th August), Jersey celebrated it's annual Battle of Flowers parade which is always an astounding spectacle. As I live right on Victoria Avenue where the parade takes place, we always have a fabulous view of the event with St Aubin's bay in the background, as well as the Moonlight parade which takes part on the following evening where all the floats are illuminated.
The work which goes into constructing these floats is mind blowing as all the fresh flowers are stuck on individually usually about 24 hours prior in order to retain freshness. The detail especially of the overall winning design "Baobab", an African themed float above & below is out of this world!

Detail of the Baobab float

.....and here's one for all you Aussie's out there!

An Indian themed float & an amazing Viking ship

Gargoyle detail,
Notre Dame de Paris float & a Tiger created with dyed harestail grasses, many hours go into these creations! Hope you enjoyed a little peek into Jersey's Battle of Flowers.


Judy said...

I was just leaving you about to leave a comment here on the flowers which is so intersting and amazing, as i scrolled down, i saw my blog logo. Well thanks so very much, it is so so kind of you to link "Numbers" - thankyou, it is so very much appreciated, as are your lovely words about the piece.

Ro Bruhn said...

I originally came from Spalding in England many years ago and we always had a flower parade every May, they still do, all the floats are made from tulip heads. I was back there a few years ago and it happened to coincide with the parade, they are so well done.

Paula said...

What awesome pictures.
My manager told me about this festival. We are in the UK but we arrange Jetski Insurance for quite a few people over in Jersey. One of the clients had apparently mentioned he was looking forward to the riot of colour. He was not wrong!