Monday, May 28, 2007

His days are numbered.....

Does this babe look ill to you?

At the beginning of May after having had an Xray & ultrasound we were told that Max had a vast liver tumour & basically would be travelling to pastures new before the year was out, as a few of you know, I've been quite devasted by this news for the past few weeks & have found it tough concentrating on anything.

He is such a faithful & loving friend to me that I'm finding it really difficult to take in that he won't be around for as long as I'd hoped. As you can see by these photos which were taken this last week, he doesn't look ill at all and is showing no signs of discomfort or pain......he still enjoys his walks on the beach & meeting up with his other doggy friends & loves fooling around with a tennis ball....looking at him you just wouldn't believe this was happening as many people who know Max have said.So, for now we are making the most of the time we have left with him, trying to ensure the remainder of his life is as pleasant as possible and taking each day as it comes. I was unsure whether I should post about this or not, but then thought it would help to explain my lack of participation in my groups of late. Will keep you posted of any further developments.

Edit : Warm heartfelt hugs go out to all of you for your kind messages & support .......they are so appreciated, thank you : )


Judy said...

What a terrible shame Gisele.

shirleymcc said...

Oh Gisele,
I am so sorry to hear that your beloved Max is ill.
These four legged babies just steal our hearts, don't they?
take care,

Kari said...

Aw, he looks so well, but our furry friends are experts at hiding any signs of ill health.

Enjoy the time you have left with him, it may just be longer than you think.

kari x

kelsey said...

My thoughts are with you Giselle. Our own much loved Cali (a basenji), is 13 and thoughts of her not being around linger longer these days too. Sad feelings abound, but just remember all the wonderful things that you did together and how lucky Max is to have you for as long as he has.

Anonymous said...

This brought tears to my eyes reading about your adorable Max. I know how much I love my dogs, and the thought of not having them with me saddens me. I have 2 Beagles, the oldest being 14, so I know that his days are numbered, also. However, I've been fortunate to have him as long as I have.

I'll keep you in my thoughts.

Barbara said...

I read this and I can feel your pain, I hope it gets easier but I know you will miss such a wonderful part of the family. All I can say is I am so sorry, he is so lucky to have had such a loving person and persons in his life.

Ev said...

I truly feel your pain and send loving thoughts your way. We went throgh the same thing in 2005 with our beautiful yellow lab, he was healthy till the last six months and his health crashed. He was nearly 15. I believe that dogs are our angels sent to look after us. The labrador has such a gentle and loving soul. I am sitting here in tears, I know I am still not over the loss of my beautiful boy and it will take a while. We are now looking at getting a new lab and have a few breeders in mind (we may have to wait months to get one) but we didn't rush into replacing him as we weren't sure whether we could handle the loss of another. Enjoy this time with your special friend. It is hard to let them go but he will let you know when the time is right. I cried for hours before as I knew what had to be done and felt a wonderful sense of peace as he slipped away in my arms, the time was right for him and he needed to go and be pain free. My thoughts will be with you.

Joan said...

My heart goes out to you and your dear Max. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Jen Crossley said...

Oh Giselle My heart goes out to you as well I lost my dear bobby after 13 wonderful years together.He was my mate,my baby and so much apart of our family I miss him still even though it has been a couple of years since I lost him.
Enjoy your time together max looks like he has a wonderful soul

cookievf said...

What a gorgeous boy! I'm glad you decided to share what's been in your heart... we're all here for you to lean on.

Each and every one of us that left a comment, has felt something similar as we contemplate life without our "fur babies." (On 4/23 I posted about "Satch and Sam." Hope you'll have a look. I think it's uplifting!)

All my love to you, my friend! xox

Sharon said...

Oh my goodness, this is heartbreaking news for you :( As a dog lover myself, I can totally relate to what you are going through. Poor Max :(

Take care.

Cynthia said...

What wonderful pictures of your lovely boy Gisele. Thank you for posting about Max. Please know that my warmest thoughts travel with you and Max on your daily walks.


Jen Crossley said...

Gisele I was just wondering how Max is going??

Ro Bruhn said...

So sorry Gisele, they play such a large part in our lives, I hope he holds on awhile longer.

Anonymous said...

Gisele...this entry has brought tears to my eyes. I know from emails that we have shared how much love you have for Max. You always included him in the email and talked about him. He will be in my thoughts and prayers. Sending lots of hugs your way.

Anonymous said...

Since my last comment to you regarding Max, I have learned that my older Beagle may have cancer. I need to take him back to the vet in 2 weeks so that they can do a more extensive test to confirm.

Hopefully the 2 of us can support each other through this.

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Gisele....this is so sad. What gorgeous gorgeous photos. Love the 'smiling' one...awwwwww (((((((hug))))))