Sunday, March 18, 2007

Happy Mother's Day.... all of you in the UK, I hope you are all being spoilt today!
I certainly was when I woke up this morning to find this wonderful handmade card from my son & it meant more to me than any store bought I just had to share it.
He spent his day off work yesterday assembling this using newspaper & magazine cuttings with the help of a glue stick....hence the PS on the back page!

Front of card

Inside left

Inside right

Back of card

Needless to say, my eyes welled up & still do each time I read everything he has written.


Ro Bruhn said...

What a fabulous card, these are definitely the best. I'm glad you got one of my charms, I'm still waiting for mine.

Joan Ellis said...

What a wonderful keepsake--how blessed you are!

cookievf said...

you obviously did an amazing job raising your son! not only does he say so in his card, and in SUCH a precious way, but it shows in the effort to make such a lovely keepsake for you!! What a SWEETIE!!

- vicki from PT

joanne wardle said...

awww, what a lovely card from your son! so much better than a store bought

natural attrill said...

Hello, I came accross your blog through Kari's, and this is an amazingly late comment on this post, but, just wanted to say how great your card is, I have a wonderful son too, but he is still only 12, I hope he carries on being thoughtful, as he is now, when he is older, as your son obviously is!
I have enjoyed visiting your blog, and am envious of your closeness to the sea!