Sunday, January 07, 2007


I've finally managed to complete my charms for the Oh So Charming charm swap. If you fancy having a go at these, I've included the instructions. Warning......soldering is addictive!

Glass marbles
Rubbing Alcohol
6 mm wide copper tape
Bone folder
Lead free solder
Soldering iron
Silver jump rings
Silver Indian bell charms

Clean the marbles well with the rubbing alcohol.

Measure some copper tape by wrapping around a marble to gauge the circumference allowing a little extra for overlap (approx. 5.5cm) and cut as many pieces as required.
Then cut each 5.5cm strip down to narrower pieces making them 2mm wide.

Wrap 2 pieces of copper tape around marble in opposite directions forming segments & burnish well with a bone folder.

Flux & solder over the copper tape.

Flux & solder jump rings to top & bottom, then wash charms in warm soapy water. Once dry, polish with silver cloth.

Attach bell charms.


Ingrid said...

This are just outstanding! Thanks for sharing them and how you made them. Best-
Ingrid Dijkers

Izabella said...

These are amazing! oh so intricate~

Anonymous said...

I love your charms, they are very creative. I'm also in the swap. I also just started soldering as a hobby. Don't you just love it? I have fun looking around the house seeing what I can add copper tape and solder to. Thanks for sharing your instructions.

Anonymous said...

Yes....I got one of your charms in the swap, they are even better looking in person! I love it. Thanks!

catharinas-love said...

This is so beautiful , I am in love !!!
We have done the family swap by Lenna ;o)))
Love from Rini , the Netherlands