Sunday, November 19, 2006

The "Result"

and here is the final outcome....not an easy task fitting in all those images! The background is stamping on black gesso, I added the fish, the little quote at the bottom & brass heart embellishments. Thanks to Greta for the gift of these gorgeous little hearts.


Anonymous said...

ummmm...ummmmmmm...ummmmmmm...can you tell that i am speechless. Gisele, this just blows me away. You put all those elements together so beautifully and you know i am loving the black gesso background...makes the whole piece more it!

Rella said...

You did such a lovely job with the challenge Gisele! It was most certainly a huge challenge to put every image in the pieces, wasn't it? ~ Rella

bockel24 said...

I love this one, Gisele.